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boys are such terrible things


i love boys. boys are awesome. some boys are jerks and some boys are the bestest. just like girls.

why are all of you people so mean to boys 

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170 carat opal with Contra luz color plays. Origin: Opal Butte, Oregon. Contra Luz opals describe precious opals where the play of colors is only visible when held up to the light.

this is unreal

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Today I learned that it takes courage to falsely accuse someone of rape.

Thanks for educating me, SJWs!

Well, courage, or a desire to make a fortune suing the school where the rape allegedly occurred, if you’re named Wanetta Gibson. Or a desire to see Luke Harwood assaulted and beaten to death. Or a desire to get revenge on a boy who rejected you named Dominic Scullion. Or, heck, if you just want to get out of a cab fare.

I will never understand the people who say that false rape accusations don’t happen because of how painful reporting it will be. 

I was railroaded into almost doing it (by my mother who was convinced it actually happened) and it wasn’t really that painful at all. You go to the police station and tell them about it and everyone is all sympathetic and caring and blah blah. 

I backed the fuck out of that shit because it’s wrong but I can see how someone could just continue on.. ESPECIALLY if it’s to screw somebody they don’t like over.

It’s not traumatic if you’re fucking lying.

They think that reporting rape is a horrible, traumatic experience for women, therefore no woman would ever do it if they didn’t have to.

And if you start lying, you’re probably more afraid of backing out at that point.




The Flying Fuck

This is like favorite gif now

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actual footage of dogs when there are no people around




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First things first, I’m the palest

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Stupid feminist comics abound in the desolate wastes of Tumblr. Here are a few.










Got my Mens Rights Activist costume ready for Halloween !

Shaming men for expressing their feelings and trying to fix their issues. HOW PROGRESSIVE OF YOU.


This is what happens when a pot with zero self awareness meets kettle. If men’s rights activists are whiny then what the hell does that make feminists. 

Way to enforce gender roles by mocking men who talk about their issues and express emotion, OP.

Ever wonder why Feminists are loathed ? And why people reject this loony cult ?

When’s the last time you’ve heard about MRAs complain about stupid shit such as men being objectified, representation in the media or anything akin to banning certain words? At least Men’s Rights focus on actual rights and are more in parallel to the Women’s Rights movement whereas Feminism is just a bunch of hypocritical sluts who think they’re classy, have an overinflated sense of self-importance and whine about objectification when they just dress like prostitutes and flaunt their assets and sexuality around. I don’t believe there’s anything inherently wrong with being sexual but it’s a lot easier to put the blame on others for your shortcomings rather than taking some damn responsibilities for yourselves.

Fine then, if she wants to play THIS card, all I need to do is print out a horrible fire engine red bob-cut and those nasty fifties glasses , to make a tumblr feminist mask for halloween

"Wah wah wah I can’t wear booty shorts to school!  This must be what racism and homophobia feels like!"

"I can’t have a bachelorette party in a gay bar!!!!!  Gay men need to stop being so misogynist to women!  Gay porn is oppressive to women!!!!!!!!"

"These two Disney Princesses have similar facial structures! Misogyny!!!!!!!  Stop oppressing women!!!!!!!’

"Don’t call me bossy!!!!!!!! Praise me instead!!!!!! I’m not bossy I have leadership skills, shitlord!!!!!!!!!!"

"Wahhhh the campus hearthrob won’t dump his skinny bitch for a fat women like me!!!!!!!!!!’  Fat phobia!!!!!!!  Real men go for curves only dogs go for bones!!!!!!!!!"

"Wahhhhhh there aren’t any fat women in Le Mis!!!!!!!!!! Fatphobia! Fatshaming!!!!!!!!’

"Wahhhhhh My favourite blogger got banned for sending death threats and doxxing 12 year olds!!!!!! Patriarchy!!!!! Misogyny!!!!! Violence against women!!!!!!!’

"Wah this videogame I had no intention of playing doesn’t have a female playable option because of budget restraints!!!!!!!!! And the previous game let female characters die!!!!!!! Violence against women!!!!!!!!  Female characters can’t be hurt or die but don’t let them be damsels in distress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

"Waaaah women won’t be feminists!!!!!!! I need to call them stupid sluts who will get raped that’ll show them!!!!!!!!"

"Waaaaaah I got PTSD off twitter!!!!!!!  And now people get angry with me with me trying to sabotage the careers of army men who won’t validate my bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They clearly are just threatened by a woman with an opinion!!!!!!!!!!"

"Waaah I’m so oppressed because no one outside of tumblr validates my identity as a demigirl genderpunk!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or understands how valid my self diagnosis as autism is!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This is just because people are threatened by women in control of themselves!!!!!!!!"

Mras and feminists are stupid but goddamn is it hilarious the feminists on here pine the mras for being cry babies when all I see is feminist whine about the most fucking first world thing.

Feminists are the biggest cry babies I’ve even seen in my life.