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think this shit a game

Haha, it’s funny because the guy was killed. Switch genders and riots would ensue.

Smh 😒

Exactly, reverse the genders and you’d get YesAllWomen fingering themselves into an orgy of outrage about “male entitlement” and “rape culture” and “a girl can’t even like a friend’s selfie on facebook WITHOUT SOME EVIL DISGUSTING PENIS BEARER KILLING HER”

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Expelling Radicals: A Guide For Feminists





We often talk about how radicals have tainted the feminist movement.  Most feminists aren’t willing to even admit that there’s a problem, but the few that do tend to ask a simple question: “how do we fix it?”  This is for you guys.

Being completely, brutally honest, our opinion is that for the most part feminism has long since passed the point of no return: the problems are so deep in the movement that “salvaging” it would probably look more like “burning it to the ground and starting again”.

However, if we had to give suggestions, they would be this:

  • Retake control of feminist academia.  It’s one of the biggest reserves of bigotry, it’s been a sanctuary for radscum, and it’s creating much of the….academically suspect research that the bigots in the rest of the movement feed on.  It also creates bigotry in people who aren’t themselves bigots, just ignorant of the facts.  Commit yourselves to finding accurate information and getting accurate results, even if those contradict the things you believe.
  • Revisit basically everything you think you know about how our society works.  Most of what you guys (think you) know is the product of the aforementioned radicals.  This includes about 90% of the statistics that most feminists “just know” are true.  Rapethe wage gapdomestic violenceglass ceiling, you name it, there are serious problems with the existing research.  Some things, like the “rule of thumb” and “Super Bowl Sunday” anecdotes are outright myths.
  • Call out the radicals when you see them.  When radscum hold a conference, or vent their bigotry in public, they do more damage to your movement than pretty much everyone else put together.  Even most of the nastier MRAs do genuinely want equality, they just default to tactics similar to the earlier waves of feminism because the MRM is now where you guys were then.  Radscum, not so much, and they taint everything you claim to stand for among the general public.  A handful of nutballs managed to pull together almost a hundred people for a screaming, angry mob to protest Warren Farrell, one of the least objectionable guys in existence.  Don’t tell me you can’t do better for people who are far, far worse than even the the worst lies regarding Dr. Farrell.
  • Start cooperating with MRAs, and understand that they’re going to be pretty damn suspicious of you for something between “a while” and “forever”.  Your movement has done horrible damage to the causes they’re fighting for, and that means you’ve got a hell of a stigma to work off.  The biggest contribution you can make to this is the point above.  MRAs will be a lot more willing to work with you if it feels like you’re working with them.
  • Stop putting them in charge of large chunks of your movement.  Look at the history of the leadership of NOW if you don’t believe me.  It’s a problem.

Put these all together, and you’ve denied radfems their refuge in academia, rejected their research and “statistics” where inaccurate (that is, most of the time), stopped letting them walk around unopposed, worked with other people seeking equality to demonstrate your commitment to it (trust me, they won’t stick around for that), and denied them leadership positions pretty much anywhere.  They won’t be able to keep claiming your support when every time they speak they have to do it over a chorus of “you don’t support us”, especially when they can no longer claim academic or organizational legitimacy and actually have to pay for their own expenses.

If you can genuinely say that you (or your feminist organization) works (and ideally succeeds) at all of these, we have no quarrel with you.  We may think you’re idealistic, but you’re no longer part of the problem and may actually have the capacity to be part of the solution.

Wow yeah lets get rid of the women in feminism and replace them with men, not just men, but men from part of a fucking hate group for women.

Is this real? What the fuck?

ITT: permutationofninjas, an anti-feminist MRA, tries to appeal to feminists to dismantle feminist activism by exploiting tumblr libfems’ misunderstanding of radical feminism.

For fuck’s sake, Warren Farrell ihas his own damn tag on wehuntedthemammoth, and amon other things says deep down women really want to be raped.  But he’s one of the least objectionable guys ever, according to MRAs…which is pretty telling about what MRAs truly are and what ”equality” is to them. 

edit: can’t believe I left out the best. 

BEFORE DATE RAPE…WE CALLED IT EXCITING! Laws against rape are just putting men in jail who were trying flirt and court women!

And here we have 2 examples of people who are part of the problem. No surprise, considering they’re both radfems.

Ya gotta love how this one says that people are “misunderstanding” radical feminism. As if there’s something hard to understand about the man-hating, and often transphobic, branch of Feminism that is radical feminism.

Hilariously enough, they also think that wehuntedthemammoth (aka manboobz) is a credible source. A blog run by a man who quote-mined Paul Elam, while debating Paul Elam.

Also of note, they essentially use the same quotes twice. Both of the direct links to “articles” (if you can call them that) talk about the same set of quotes, and they play them off as if they’re two completely different ones.

For anyone who cares to read the quotes, feel free to go to the “articles”. But suffice it to say that the articles are not telling the whole story. They, and the person who linked them, rely on the idea that Warren Farrell is talking about a woman who is being intimate with a man, says no, and tries to stop everything there.

In fact, Warren Farrell is discussing women who are in the process of being intimate, say no, and then continue with the process, without ever saying no again. In other words, they said “no” with their words, but continued to push for more with their bodies.

Futrelle, and this person, probably believe that non-verbal consent is pretty much impossible. It’s not. Anyone with half a brain knows that it is very possible for someone to consent to sex without ever saying a word. It happens every day, with millions of people, in a completely safe and consensual manner.

That is what Farrell is talking about. He’s saying that nowadays, Feminists are trying to eradicate the idea of non-verbal consent, and in essence turning completely consensual sex into rape.

And even if all of this were true, there are still much worse people who have been associated with Feminism. Valerie Solanas, Andrea Dworkin, Simone de Beauvoir, the list goes on.

The most frustrating thing that could ever happen to a girl’s makeup.

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friend: u high?
me: *reacts 10 seconds later* the fuck? no bitch

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my friend who snorts cocaine won’t eat cookie dough because it’s bad for you

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>anyone who uses the word truscum seriously


>anyone who proudly calls themselves cisphobes


>”doctors are ableist!”


>”I’m a demisexual”


>”otherkin and fictionkin need to be taken seriously!”


>”I <3 misandry but it doesn’t exist :DD”


>”all cishet white males are the same :(“


>”the gender pay gap is a result of institutionalised misogyny”


>”whites can’t experience racism”




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"Anti-Men. Anti-White. Pro-Equality."