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It’s amazing. The blog womenagainstfeminism got some online criticism from news sources who reported on them and, as usual, started screaming “BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT FEMINISM IS. FEMINISM IS EQUALITY. WE JUST WANT EQUALITY. THAT’S ALL WE WANT. ALL YOUR CRITICISMS ABOUT OUR MOVEMENT ARE NOT FEMINISM.” But my faith in humanity has been restored tenfold once the results started to show. What happened? Dozens upon dozens of women have been submitting their own pictures to womenagainstfeminism, and more are coming every day. This is but a sampling of it.

I don’t need feminism because it has caused even educated, seasoned journalists to shrivel up and hide behind a dictionary when confronted with the hypocrisy and hatred of their corrupt social movement.




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dxsirelines: if feminism is a hate movement towards men, why is my boyfriend a feminist? if rape culture doesn't exist, why was one girl I know sexually assaulted three times in a decade and told it was because of the way she dressed? why did a fraternity boy think he was entitled to sleep with girls so he threw a fit and killed seven people in california? why am I not allowed to wear a top showing my midriff at school because "it distracts boys"? why am I afraid to walk the streets in the middle of the day?


"if feminism is a hate movement towards men, why is my boyfriend a feminist?"

Your boyfriend is a feminist because - like most men - he likes women and actually can’t help but like women, as he evolved to put their safety and security before his own. Your boyfriend is a feminist because that natural care and concern was exploited by a political ideology that convinced him with a 40-year torrent of feminist propaganda that women in the west are living in a perpetual state of emergency and terror caused by men just like himself. He believes supporting their incessant scapegoating and hate-mongering makes him a ‘good man’. He’s wrong.

"if rape culture doesn’t exist, why was one girl I know sexually assaulted three times in a decade and told it was because of the way she dressed?"

This is a non-argument, based only on your own personal experiences that I have no way of verifying and even if I did, one single individual’s story can not be offered up as some sort of convincing proof on a matter concerning 3.5 billion other individuals.

It’s like me saying “if we don’t live in a burglary culture, how come one friend of mine (who may or may not actually exist) was burgled four times last year (even though no-one else I know was)? AND the police had the nerve to tell him he could have lessened the chances of that happening if he had not just left his door wide open each time he left the house! Victim blaming!!!”

"why did a fraternity boy think he was entitled to sleep with girls so he threw a fit and killed seven people in california?"

If we really lived in a ‘rape culture’, wouldn’t Elliot Rodger simply have raped all those tall blonde goddesses he longed for, rather than killing 4 men, 2 women, and then himself? After all, in a ‘rape culture’, no-one would have minded, would they? No one would have stopped him, or offered any kind of punishment for that whatsoever. Would they? I mean, if we really lived in a rape culture? Something to think on.

"why am I not allowed to wear a top showing my midriff at school because "it distracts boys"?"

Because a) it does distract boys, (and again, you can blame evolution and biology for that) and b) there are dress codes in pretty much all schools that are imposed on both boys and girls. It’s a way of preparing children for the world of work and adult society later on. Are the boys at your school allowed to sit in class in cut-off tops that only cover their nipples and let their bellies hang out? Well then.

"why am I afraid to walk the streets in the middle of the day?"

Because, like your boyfriend, you’ve had your poor young mind utterly mangled by 40 years of propaganda that has brainwashed you into believing rapists and murderers lurk behind every streetcorner. Again, this is a non-argument, based on nothing more than your own personal beliefs projected onto the world at large. It makes no more sense than me saying “if spiders aren’t taking over the world and planning to enslave us all then why am I afraid of spiders?!!! Answer me that, huh? Why am I afraid???!!!!!!?

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But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human.

— Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five (via purplebuddhaproject)







Jezebel praises some dumb feminist that lives in Minneapolis, MN for filming so-called encounters with street harassers.

In this one she harasses these guys because she overheard one guy say to his friend “Minnesota chicks are hot” as he walked by. Is this what passes for street harassment nowadays? [video]

In one video she berates two men because they were looking at her for too long. I guess a 3 second stare is considered street harassment. [video]

In another she approaches a man who says that he’s on dope and addicted to heroin. He said that he smelled her and that he’s a wolf. Y’know, crazy shit a junkie would say. [video]

In this one she takes offense to a man who merely says “you’re pretty” as she’s walking by. How the hell is that harassment? What, because she doesn’t want certain people to talk to her? Welcome to the United States where people are allowed to talk to other people without written consent, you stupid twat. Poor Umar, I don’t think she’s gonna call you bro but she’s more than willing to put your phone number on blast. [video]

If you watch her other videos you can tell exactly what she’s doing. She walks around the downtown metropolitan area waiting to capture what is usually black men who appear to be homeless with some kind of disorder saying rude things to her — or just talking to her without her written, enthusiastic consent. In fact, out of the 14 videos she has uploaded, 9 of them feature black men. Go figure that she would target these people because if you’ve ever met a homeless person they are often times very ill mannered usually due to living on the street for an extended period of time, having a history of mental illness, a traumatic brain injury, and/or alcohol and drug additions.

According to a 2012 statewide Minnesota study on the homeless, 54% are black in the metro area where she films these encounters. Of the long-term homeless, 60% of adults have a serious mental illness, 26% have a substance abuse disorder diagnosis, 61% of homeless men have been incarcerated, and 34% of homeless adults report a cognitive impairment (confusion, memory issues, or indecisiveness to the point that it interferes with daily activities). An article from 2013 states that the homeless problem is getting worse in Minnesota despite a better economy

It appears that she is most likely exploiting homeless men with possible mental illnesses and/or substance abuse problems in the metro area to make it seem as if street harassment is a huge issue. It isn’t. The real issue is the homeless problem in downtown Minneapolis and the dismissal of people with mental illnesses and substance abuse problems.

But don’t pay any attention to that, cat calling is a national emergency because how dare anyone say anything to them that they don’t like! OPPRESHUN!!!

I have to wonder though how long it took her to get 14 filmed encounters since she uploaded her first video a week ago. Many of them don’t even qualify for harassment, just rudeness or her exaggerating the situation by making something out of nothing. That’s femtards for ya!

that is one disturbed lady.. What a bitch..
Does she have a job? Who has time to just wander around downtown??

Her… “Job”… Is to harass men and bitch about it online claiming it’s “Oppression”

Shhiiiiiit, she’s not even good at it!
Did she even try to catch the horribly oppressive men on public transportation?

I wouldn’t doubt she tried but only saw women with their purses on the seats beside them telling off people wanting to sit down, and EVERYONE knows THAT’S an okay thing to do.

I would like to point out that, watching the videos linked in this post, these were taken between 8th and 9th streets on Nicollet mall.

Not only is this a heavy thoroughfare for pedestrian traffic (the road is off-limits to cars, except for taxis, city buses, and emergency vehicles,) but it is three blocks away from a homeless shelter.

If your MO were to target homeless, mentally unstable persons of color, this would be the place to do it.

I worked downtown for almost 3 years, parked in the very building this woman repeatedly walks past, and walked this street nearly every day as a result.

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I saw this on Facebook and thought to myself, “Gosh, I’m trying to get away from having to think about feminism by not logging onto Tumblr and I can’t escape it. It is everywhere.” So I had to share this on here because why not.

Still cracks me up.


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when you send risky text messages




i love when strangers walk by and smile at you

There are large sections of tumblr that would call that harassment, but yes being smiled at is nice.